How We Started


Early Band Photo


By Frieda, one of the founding Hubbub Club members:

This band is the first I’ve ever been an official member of, and such an exciting inspiring response to simply asking for what I was wanting. In putting out the initial call for musicians, I was wanting community, creative relationship, and musical political action in this new town I was living in. I’d never lived somewhere without a creative process to be involved in with others, and I didn’t want to start in Sebastopol. But, what I found in the Hubbub Club was not simply a creative process to satiate my artistic self, it was the doorway into this little town I’ve come to love. Through the music, events, and friendships, I’ve learned so much about community and how one thrives and supports its individuals. I’ve been so proud of us for taking the (at times) more difficult road of organizing around true democracy, equality, and collaboration. It’s been frustrating and difficult plenty, but I feel like the work we’ve done in hubbub together filters out into the greater culture, hopefully influencing and supporting a more just and harmonious world to be a part of. I am grateful to have been involved in this work.

And the music! Man we were rough when we first started! It’s been inspiring to watch each of us (including me!) grow as musicians and performers. When I remember back to how we began, I am so impressed by our musical growth and sense of artistry, both collectively and individually.

For many Bubs, this band is central in our life. It is something important, and precious to orbit. It was born out of a collective need in our community, and continues to nourish each of us and the greater population. It is the truest definition of art.