Wunderkammer Handraces

wunderkammer-logoJoin Hubbub on Sunday, August 25, at the Wunderkammer Handraces in Railroad Square, Santa Rosa. The Hubbub Club will activate its noise machine at 5:20 pm to close the show, but the event runs all day, from 11am to 6pm. The Great Sonoma County Handcar Races represents a public celebration of Mechanical Railcar Races, Visual, Culinary, and Costumed Performing Arts combined with an inclusive concept of Community Participation and Human Ingenuity embracing sustainability, alternative transportation, and good old fashioned fun.

Tinkerers, artists, and eccentrics both young and old are invited to participate in artistic and mechanical innovation upon a playful and inspired mixture of fond remembrance for a stylized industrial railroad past remixed with progressive styles and technologies of today.

The public is invited to partake in the Wunderkammer through a participatory attitude, costumed buffoonery, and enlightened interaction (never fear: those with inhibitions in the costume department need not worry, feel free to come as you are and enjoy).

Link: Wunderkammer Festival Site


Historic Railroad Square , 135 4th Street , Santa Rosa