Uncle Hubbub Wants You

Dan by Jeff ZuckerAre you a drummer or low brass player?

Do you want more music, community, and fun in your life?

The Hubbub Club is looking for percussionists and low brass players to join our band. We need cooperative, experienced performers who can learn multiple parts and fill in where needed. Drummers should have sticking experience.

Our band practices every Sunday afternoon in Graton and performs in Sonoma County several times each month. To get a better sense of who we are and how we sound, you can watch some of our videosInterested?  Contact us here!

Hubbub Returns from a Glorious Weekend of Noise!

image of band

image of hula hoop

The Hubbub Club is back from their epic journey to Seattle! We have many stories to tell and pictures to share. You can find  photos on our Facebook page, on  Flickr (taken by others) and on Hubbub’s Flickr Page (taken by our own band members).

And here’s a great video that’s shows just what a wild party we were havin’ up there in Seattle. (Stay with it and the image will come into focus.)

Hubbub Club Travel Adventures

photo(1)Greetings from Seattle! The Hubbub Club has been playing music in the streets with marching bands from all over the country these last few days.  We are wired, tired and inspired!

Soon we’ll be back in Sonoma County with many stories to tell.

HONK! Fest West, Here We Come!

HonkFestWest OctopusOur fundraiser at Hopmonk this month was an incredible success!  Thank you to all the band members, supporters, fans and other folks who helped us out.  We had a super fun party and raised enough money to make sure that our band gets up to Seattle for HONK! Fest West on June 21st through 23rd.

HONK! is where street bands like the Hubbub Club come together to exchange ideas and create free and dynamic music performance in the street.  It’s for young people, old people, fat and skinny people, beginners, professionals, baton twirlers, artists, and performers of all kinds.  If you’re up in Seattle that weekend, please come celebrate with us.