HONK Voyage Online Campaign

GOAL: $2,500 Raised so far: $0

Sonoma County’s Noisiest Marching Band is marching to Austin this spring!

Born in Graton, California in 2007, the Hubbub Club includes over twenty volunteer musicians and second-line dancers who make music together in a funky, fun fashion to promote, uplift, and support our local communities. You can find us at local rallies, benefits, farmers markets, town parades, music venues, and just jamming in the street.

The Hubbub Club’s diverse, mixed-level, multi-generational musicians are committed to a non-hierarchical, democratic process. We believe that music is a powerful tool for social change, and strive to help heal the earth and her people in all aspects of our art.


HONK! is a big brassy convergence of street bands from all over North America, held in cities across the country (Somerville, Austin, New York, Providence and Seattle). These festivals are part of a global renaissance of community street band culture, providing music by the people for the people. This year in Austin, __________ (some number) bands will play music together, attend workshops, recharge their spirits, and grow their connections to an expanding network of activist street bands nationwide.

Taking our full-sized marching band down to Austin, means 25 plane tickets, a large shipping crate of Sousaphones, drum rigs, etc., and large van rentals in Austin.

This will take at least $5,000, and every penny you contribute will go directly towards this effort (except whatever the credit card companies and PayPal take as their cut.)

We’re offering a range of contribution levels and thank you gifts so that all our friends and fans can join our effort. And if you would like to make an alternative contribution of your time and energy, please let us know!